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The practical, purpose-built ski resort town of Villeneuve is ideal for people who want a ’proper’ ski experience! The town is actually made up of 3 separate villages: Pre Long, Aravet and the old village. Pre Long is home to the main tourist office and a number of ski and snowboard shops; Aravet has several bars and restaurants. Meanwhile, the old village is similar to the neighbouring town of Briancon, with its beautiful historical structure and idyllic surrounding countryside*.

Skiing and snowboarding

Of all the towns in within the area of Serre Chevalier, Villeneuve has the best access to the skiing through its extensive network of ski lifts and smooth pistes.

Villeneuve is also great for snowboarders. It offers a beautiful half-pipe and two very long boardercross-runs. And if you think that sounds exciting, just wait until you go off piste!

New Generation ski and snowboard school offers a variety of classes for both children and adults. Visit their official website at www.skinewgen.com

Ice skating – on skates and in a car

Villeneuve is not only about skiing and snowboarding. It also has its own ice rink, and, something that is unique to Villeneuve - the slippery driving-on-ice attraction at Circuit de Glacé.

Horse riding

For those who are more adept at steering a horse than a car, there is also an equestrian centre. Horse back riding might provide a welcome change from skiing one day!

Swimming and thalassotherapy

Another nice change could be swimming in the Piscine couverte des Iscles, or the fitness suite and thalassotherapy at Espace Thalasse Forme.

Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater as a form of therapy or spa treatment. The theory is that with the soothing use of seawater and/or other products from the ocean one can cleanse and refresh the pores in the skin.

The name thalassotherapy is derived from the Greek word "thalassa", meaning "sea".

Night life

Once refreshed and thoroughly cleansed after a day of skiing or thalassotherapy, one might feel the need to show off at the lively Baita disco and jazz club that stays open until five in the morning.

Other activities

For those in need of a thrill, Villeneuve also offers a great deal of snow scooting, hang gliding, or, for the really adventurous, the Bridge Club!

*amazing 360 view of the surrounding mountains: www.360cities.net